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Announcement: Notes regarding the modification of cover artwork requests

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To maximize the use of a particular cover for multiple versions of a recording (i.e. authorings, tracks burned per disc) and to avoid the possibility of editing covers at a later date or having to make new covers due to errors, requests may be edited by a staff member with better, more accurate, more generalized information. More concisely, requests will be edited to ensure that the resulting cover will be usable for as many people as possible. Aside from these guidelines for request modification, please also note that requests are subject to the rules and guidelines set forth here. Things that may be changed or removed include the following:

Track Numbers
Track numbers will often be removed from DVD cover requests, as chapters do not always follow the order of the tracks (as is the case with unauthored DVDs and DVDs with automatic chaptering). For audio covers, track numbers can remain as long as they are in a professional-looking format and have a space between the number with delimiter (period, '.') and the song title. Track numbers for each disc should always start at 1 or 01. For example, the following would be acceptable:
Song Title
1. Another Song Title
01. Yet Another Song Title
The following are examples of formats that would be removed from a request:
1-Song Title [improper delimiter, no space between the delimiter and song title]
1.Another Song Title [no space between the delimiter and song title]
1 Yet Another Song Title [no delimiter]

Track Listings
Track listings may be edited to have a uniform method of capitalization (i.e. ensure that the use of capitalized subordinate words is consistent throughout the track listing).
Notes following song titles will be placed in brackets or will be denoted by asterisks, with a denoted explanation following the track listing. Cut or missing tags will also be placed in brackets. Whether a song is cut at the beginning or end is often considered irrelevant by traders, and so to ensure a uniform method only [cut] will be used, not [cut] or [cut] or any other variation. Never abbreviate song titles, unless the song title itself is an abbreviation. An example of a track listing that would be edited:
1-Song Title [cut]
2-Another Song Title [cut]
3-Yet Another Song Title (featuring Joe Someone)

The modified track listing:
01. Song Title [cut]
02. Another Song Title [cut]
03. Yet Another Song Title [featuring Joe Someone]
In any case, the modified track listing will be both more professional and more concise.

DVD Bonus Material
Because there are inevitably many different authorings of a particular bootleg, bonus material will be removed from requests to ensure the possibility that covers can be used by as many people as possible and for numerous authorings, all of which probably have different or no bonus material.

To establish a uniform method of dating material, numerical dates will be edited to YYYY.MM.DD format in all requests. This eliminates confusion between North American and other date formats. For the person making the cover, it's preferable that numerical dates conform to the same rule. For alphabetical representations, it would be preferred if dates were in one of these two formats and are consistent throughout the cover:
17 October 2008
October 17, 2008

Locations will be edited to include state/province names, as well as proper accent marks, if needed. Also, a lot of venues have both common and proper names (e.g. Budokan is common, but Nippon Budokan is the full and proper name). Common names will be replaced with the proper names when necessary. City names are often inaccurate. Tour managers often bill shows as being in a well-known city, although the show may actually be in a smaller town or village situated on the city's outskirts. Thus, the location of the show is inaccurate. Such instances will be edited to use the location of the actual venue instead of the city that the show was billed as. For example:
The Cow Palace is located in Daly City, California, USA, not in San Francisco. (Source)
The Pontiac Silverdome is located in Pontiac, Michigan, USA, not in Detroit. (Source)

Additionally, this website enforces an English-only policy for uniformity's sake--mainly for organizational purposes in the artwork gallery and searchability. As such, all location names will be displayed in their English translations.

Covers for More Than One Show
Unless the bootleg is a compilation with multiple shows spread across the disc(s), requests will be edited to ensure that one cover is made for one show. For example, if a member were to post a request for one cover for two shows, each of which was on a separate disc, one of the shows would be removed from the request. This ensures that each show will get its own cover, which will benefit people who don't have both shows and ensure that additional covers or modifications will not be needed.