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Announcement: Filename Format for Covers in the Artwork Gallery

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If you upload any covers into the Artwork Gallery, make sure the images are .jpg files and that the filenames do not include commas, periods, or spaces. All uploaded files must conform to the filename format outlined below. Files that are not named properly may be deleted. Covers for LP and cassette recordings should not be uploaded; only modern cover formats still in popular use are acceptable.





BandName_YYYY-MM-DD_CityState_VCD_1front.jpg ("front" should be used in place of "booklet" if only a front cover is available)
BandName_YYYY-MM-DD_CityState_VCD_2inside.jpg ("inside" indicates the inside half of a booklet)
BandName_YYYY-MM-DD_CityState_VCD_3disc.jpg (a number following "disc" is not needed if the recording only spans one disc; this rule applies to all cover types)

Band Names
No underscore is needed between parts of the band name. If the recording is a compilation with multiple artists, use Various as the band name, unless the recording is from one show, in which case use the show headliner's band name. If the recording is a television show about no specific band, use the television company in place of the band name (eg. MTV_2008-xx-xx_HeadbangersBall_DVD_1cover.jpg). If the recording is of a collaboration performance between two artists, use both band names separated by And (eg. RobertPlantAndAlisonKrauss_2008-06-10_NewYorkNY_DVD_1cover.jpg).

If the date is unknown or if the recording is a compilation of multiple shows, use xxxx-xx-xx. If only a part of the date is unknown, use xxxx for the year or xx for the month or day (eg. 2009-06-xx).

No underscore is needed between the city and state/country. Please substitute the state's abbreviation in place of the country when naming a file for a show played in the United States (eg. SanFranciscoCA instead of SanFranciscoUSA), because there are a lot of states with the same city names. If you don't know the state abbreviations, check out this page.

Cover Parts
The parts of a cover filename will change according to how many parts of the cover are made and the number in front of the cover part changes as well. The filenames should be ordered so that the cover is arranged in alphabetical order from front/booklet to the back cover, as if looking at each part successively. Parts of a cover may include cover, booklet, bookletinside, front, inside, disc, inlay, back, insert.

If you make cover artwork, please be sure to name your files using this format. If the cover is not in .jpg format the gallery cannot make thumbnail images and if the file is not named correctly the search page will not be able to display all cover artwork for that date.

A consistent filename format used throughout the gallery is what keeps files organized both alphabetically and chronologically. The filenames also provide valuable content for searches.